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Appendix F

ICI Staff Leadership and Management



Eric J. Pan1, 2, 6
President and CEO

Donald C. Auerbach3
Chief Operating Officer

Tracey B. Wingate
Chief of Staff


Dean R. Sackett III
Chief Government Affairs Officer

Ashley B. Cavossa
Director, Political Affairs

Peter J. Gunas III
Government Affairs Officer, Retirement Security and Tax Policy

Kelly S. Hitchcock
Government Affairs Officer, Financial Services

Allen C. Huffman
Government Affairs Officer, Retirement Security and Tax Policy

Kathleen L. Mellody
Senior Government Affairs Officer

Cynthia Q. Pullom
Director, Financial Services


Susan M. Olson
General Counsel

Dorothy M. Donohue
Deputy General Counsel, Securities Regulation

Sarah A. Bessin
Associate General Counsel

Annette M. Capretta
Associate General Counsel

Kenneth C. Fang
Associate General Counsel

Bridget D. Farrell
Assistant General Counsel

Rachel H. Graham
Associate General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Jane G. Heinrichs
Associate General Counsel

Nhan H. Nguyen
Assistant General Counsel

Tamara K. Salmon
Associate General Counsel

J. Matthew Thornton
Associate General Counsel

David M. Abbey
Deputy General Counsel, Retirement Policy

Elena B. Chism
Associate General Counsel

Shannon N. Salinas4
Associate General Counsel

Keith D. Lawson5
Deputy General Counsel, Tax Law

Karen L. Gibian
Associate General Counsel

Katherine A. Sunderland
Assistant General Counsel


Martin A. Burns
Chief Industry Operations Officer

Linda J. Brenner
Senior Director, Industry Operations/Diversity and Inclusion

Ahmed M. Elghazaly
Director, Securities Operations

Joanne M. Kane
Senior Director, Transfer Agency and Operations

Jeffrey A. Naylor
Director, Operations and Distribution

John F. Randall
Director, Operations and Distribution

Peter G. Salmon
Senior Director, Technology and Cybersecurity

Gregory M. Smith
Senior Director, Fund Accounting and Compliance


Erica E. Richardson
Chief Public Communications Officer

Matthew J. Beck
Senior Director, Media Relations

Jeanne C. Arnold
Director, Media Relations

Garrett D. Hawkins
Director, Media Relations

Stephanie M. Ortbals-Tibbs
Director, Media Relations

Lauri M. Bearce
Senior Director, Content

Miriam E. Bridges
Director, Editorial

Christina M. Kilroy
Director, Digital Media

Janet M. Zavistovich
Senior Director, Communications Design


Sean S. Collins
Chief Economist

Sarah A. Holden
Senior Director, Retirement and Investor Research

Peter J. Brady
Senior Economic Adviser

Jason S. Seligman
Senior Economist

Rochelle L. Antoniewicz
Senior Director, Industry and Financial Analysis

Hammad Qureshi
Senior Economist

Christof W. Stahel
Senior Economist

Judith A. Steenstra
Senior Director, Statistical Research

Sheila M. McDonald
Director, Statistical Research


George A. Breeden
Chief Information Technology Officer

Vincent D. Banfi
Director, Systems Support and Operations

Ramesh Bhargava
Director, Information Technology

Paul R. Camarata
Director, Electronic Data Collection

Mark A. Delcoco
Chief Financial Officer

Patricia L. Conley
Director, Accounting

Laurie A. Cipriano
Senior Director, Conferences

Suzanne N. Rand
Chief Human Resources Officer

Trenell D. Bradley
Senior Director, Human Resources

Anne S. Vandegrift
Director, Benefits

Sheila F. Moore
Director, Office Services

Michelle M. Kretsch
Senior Director, Membership Services

Brent E. Newton
Director, Subscription Programs and Membership


Alexa Lam
CEO, Asia-Pacific

Jennifer S. Choi
Chief Counsel

Anna A. Driggs
Director and Associate Chief Counsel, Global Regulation Affairs

M. Elizabeth Lance
Assistant Chief Counsel, Securities Regulation

Eva M. Mykolenko
Associate Chief Counsel, Securities Regulation

Giles S. Swan
Director, Global Funds Policy


Thomas T. Kim
Managing Director

Nicole A. Baker
Associate Counsel

Lisa C. Hamman
Associate Managing Director



1 Executive Committee of ICI’s Board of Governors
2 Chairman’s Council (ex officio)
3 Chairman’s Council and Treasurer to ICI PAC
4 Secretary to Chairman’s Council
5 Assistant Treasurer to Chairman’s Council
6 ICI Education Foundation Board