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General Membership Meeting

Highlights from the 2021 GMM

Lisa Jones

In her welcoming remarks, Lisa M. Jones, chair of the GMM Planning Committee and president and CEO, Head of the Americas, Amundi US, Inc., reflected on the changes brought on by the pandemic and how the fund industry adapted quickly.

“Regulated funds have learned a lot over the last year about all that we’re capable of. On March 12, 2020, we said goodbye to our offices. Within 24 hours, we set up remote operations working from our homes. And we met the needs of tens of millions of shareholders around the world without interruption.”
–Lisa M. Jones

President’s address

Eric J. Pan

In his first time addressing the fund industry at a General Membership Meeting, ICI President and CEO Eric J. Pan presented a path forward on a fit-for-purpose approach to climate-related disclosure for public companies.

“Given the importance of climate change to millions of investors and society at large, the regulated fund industry stands ready to assist in carrying out this task.”
–Eric J. Pan, ICI President and CEO

Jamie Dimon in Conversation with Eric J. Pan

Jamie Dimon and Eric J. Pan

ICI President and CEO Eric J. Pan engaged in a discussion on a range of hot-button issues with JPMorgan Chase Chairman and Chief Executive Jamie Dimon. Dimon shared his views on regulatory developments around sustainable finance, investor access to early-stage investment opportunities, the US economy and infrastructure, and more.

“There should be a legal, regulatory, tax-related framework...around crypto. Cryptocurrencies are now worth $2 trillion. When are [regulators] going to say, ‘Oh my God, this is worthy of our attention?’”
–Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive, JPMorgan Chase

Former SEC and CFTC Chairs Share Lessons Learned

Pan Giancarlo Clayton

In a lively discussion, ICI President and CEO Eric J. Pan, former SEC Chair Jay Clayton, and former CFTC Chair J. Christopher Giancarlo spoke about lessons learned from their years of leading key regulatory agencies.

“The cooperation among the federal financial regulators…was a particularly pleasant surprise.”
–Jay Clayton, former SEC Chair

Facing the Future: Leadership Perspectives

Leadership Panel

Fund industry leaders discussed the importance of adaptation and transparency during this year’s leadership session, moderated by New York Life Investment Management CEO Yie-Hsin Hung. Hung was joined by Stephanie Braming, global head of investment management at William Blair & Company, and Christine Hurtsellers, Voya Investment Management CEO, as the trio also touched on the need for a more inclusive workforce and reasons to be optimistic about the future.

“There are certainly challenges, but there is very good reason to be optimistic, because through our efforts to be far more inclusive and really focused on making the world a better place, we can accomplish a great deal.”
–Yie-Hsin Hung, New York Life Investment Management CEO

Cathy Engelbert in Conversation with George Gatch

George Gatch & Cathy Engelbert

ICI Chair (2018–2021) and CEO of JP Morgan Asset Management George Gatch spoke with Cathy Engelbert, commissioner of the WNBA and former CEO of Deloitte, about managing a growing professional sports league in a challenging time, and the importance of building and maintaining relationships.

“Every touchpoint with a client is important to build a relationship, especially in these virtual times.”
–Cathy Engelbert, commissioner of the WNBA

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